Animals at the pond

Here you can watch the episodes one after the other.



I installed several Trail Cams (motion sensor cameras) around a beaver pond from spring thaw until December freeze. You will witness and sometimes be surprised by the wildlife found there.


Episode 1= The thaw begins on March 24



Episode 2= Beaver, Wild Turkey, raccoon, Wood Duck, Mallard



Episode 3= Beaver, Wild Turkey, raccoon, Wood Duck, American Mink



Episode 4= Beaver, Song Sparrow, raccoon, Wood Duck



Episode 5= Baby beaver, Muskrat, Canada Goose, Deer Mouse, Beaver



Episode 6= Baby Beaver with his mother, juvenile Raccoon, Wood Duck and her babies



Episode 7=Juvenile Raccoon, Wood Duck and her babies, Beaver



Episode 8=Raccoon, Wood Duck and her babies, Beaver, Muskrat, River otter



Episode 9= Raccoon and its young, Beaver



Episode 10= Raccoon and her juveniles, Beaver



Episode 11= Beaver repairing his dam, juvenile Raccoons and Wood Duck



Episode 12= baby beaver, adult beaver, juvenile Raccoon, Wood Duck



Episode 13= baby beaver, adult beaver, Raccoon



Episode 14= Northern Flicker, Raccoon and her juvenile, Beaver



Episode 15= Deer Mouse, Wood Duck and Beaver



Episode 16= River Otter and her baby, Beaver, Muskrat



Episode 17= River Otter, Beaver, Wood Duck



Episode 18= Ruffed Grouse, Beaver, Grey Squirrel



Episode 19= Beaver, Blue Jay, Wood Duck, Muskrat, Raccoon



Episode 20= Beaver, Raccoon



Episode 21= Beaver



Episode 22= Beaver prepare for winter



Episode 23= Beaver works hard



Episode 24= The Beaver settles in his lodge for the winter



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